Health Benefits of Water Spinach

A green vegetable called water spinach, which is Popeye’s favorite food. Water spinach is also known as swamp cabbage, Kangkong. It is found in subtropical and tropical regions. Water spinach is considered a powerhouse or storehouse of nutrients. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, iron, water, etc. All these can benefit your brain, skin, or we can say the entire body. Here the top health benefits of taking water spinach 

Health benefits of water spinach

Role of water spinach in healthy vision

Water spinach is rich in Lutein, carotenoids, vitamin A. These nutrients have a prominent role in developing healthy vision. Glutathione levels increase when you intake water spinach, which helps in reducing the risk of getting various eye diseases mainly prevents cataracts, a condition where clouding of eye lens takes place. Consumption of spinach juice with carrots can be more beneficial for eye health.

Reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases

According to a study, Kangkong leaves also decrease heart-related problems. Water spinach has necessary nutrients such as vitamins (vitamin A and vitamin C) and an abundant source of beta carotene. These nutritious components act as antioxidants in the body, Antioxidants can reduce free radical production in the system, and prevents cholesterol from oxidation. Oxidized cholesterol has a tendency to adhere to the walls of blood vessels, thus leads to atherosclerosis, stroke, or Heart attack. Water spinach also contains Folate, which helps in the conversion of a life-threatening substance called homocysteine. Homocysteine is a type of amino acid; high levels of it are linked to cardiovascular diseases. Kangkong is high in magnesium (a mineral), helps in the prevention of Hypertension, and also protects you from cardiovascular diseases. 

Prevents Cancer

As we know, water spinach or Kangkong vegetable has thirteen (13) types of antioxidants, so that it can prevent cancers. These antioxidants can remove free radicals, thus inhibits the multiplication of cancer cells and strengthen the cell’s environment. Kangkong vegetable has a prominent role in the prevention of stomach cancer, colorectal cancer, skin cancer, and breast cancer. Regular intake of spinach in any form is very helpful in preventing cancers.

Kangkong role in skin

For healthy and glowing skin, vitamins and minerals should present in adequate amounts in the body. Intake of spinach juice regularly can benefit your skin, as it is rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, Lutein, and carotenoids. This vegetable can remove toxins from the body, and reduce acne and pimples naturally.

Beneficial for hair

Spinach plays a vital role in hair growth. Vitamin A can be very helpful in regulating – oil production (on hair). It helps in moisturizing skin as well as hair. Vitamin C deals with collagen production, which helps in the formation of new hair. Antioxidants prevent hair fall. Vitamin B and vitamin C can accelerate hair growth, by enhancing collagen and keratin levels in the scalp. Intake of spinach juice with lettuce juice, make your hair healthy. This water spinach’s regular intake can improve the texture and quality of hair. Applying spinach juice to the scalp and hair, provide healthy and strong hair.

Improves immune system

Kangkong vegetable is inexpensive compared to vitamin C supplements. It boosts the body’s immunity naturally, as it is a storehouse for nutrients. On regular intake of spinach juice can be more beneficial for strengthening bones or improve bone density. As per studies, abiotic nitrates are available in the water spinach, it can strengthen muscles naturally. 

Role of water spinach in pregnant women

Medical experts say in pregnant women there is a chance of shortage of folic acid; it can be avoided by taking spinach, regularly. Kangkong vegetable is rich in calcium, which is more beneficial for children’s growth. It makes more milk in the breasts during breastfeeding. This vegetable on daily consumption has a chance to prevent gestational diabetes.

Reduce the risk of constipation

As water spinach or Kangkong vegetable is high in fiber content, so improves digestion, also treats different types of digestive tract diseases, naturally. It has laxative properties, which is helpful for patients who are suffering from constipation and indigestion. Boiled juice of Kangkong vegetable helpful in easy passage of stools. Intestinal worm infestation is also treated with water spinach naturally. 

Helps to look young

Green leafy vegetables such as Kangkong vegetable or water spinach is high in chemical antioxidants, which is helpful in the prevention of cell damage from free radicals. It is also helpful in preventing damage of skin cells from sun rays, and also provides wrinkle-free skin. This can help you to look younger than your age, upon daily consumption of spinach. 

Other benefits

 Regular intake of water spinach can reduce the chance of osteoporosis, arthritis, atherosclerosis, etc. It also treats mouth ulcers, toothache, nosebleeds, menstrual pain, etc. Increase appetite. It also has a prominent role in treating jaundice. It acts as an antipyretic agent (reduce fever). It is useful for treating insomnia and some sleeping disorders, as water spinach acts as a sedative. It is considered as anti-venom, it produces vomiting, during the poisonous condition. This vegetable increase bone and muscle strength. 


Water spinach in your regular diet is beneficial to your body. This vegetable is referred to as one of the hemoglobin-boosting vegetables. You can take this vegetable as raw, as juice, and some as delicious recipes, but It can provide major health benefits.

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