Health Benefits of Tangelo

Ever heard about Tangelo? Well for those of you who haven’t, Tangelo belongs to the family species of Oranges. Their taste is similar to oranges and easy to peel skin makes it all the way more favorite. Not only it is tasty, but it is also packed with several health benefits too. In this article, we’ve listed 10 Health benefits of this delicious fruit, Tangelo

10 Fantastic Health Benefits of Tangelo

Aids in Weight Loss

Tangelo is low in calories and is an excellent supplement to a weight loss diet. It also helps in burning fat cells and reducing excess fat in the body. In addition, there is a large amount of fiber that can help increase satiety by preventing you from snacking and avoiding overeating, while optimizing the efficiency of nutrient absorption.

Helps in Treating Cancer

Studies have shown that citrus fruits contribute a lot in treating cancer. Tangelo is one of the citrus fruits that help in the destruction of cancer cells. This is because the components in Tangelo have anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties. These include flavanones, which are popularly known to lower the risk of cancer in individuals. Flavanones are also known for their ability to promote the growth of healthy cells.

Boosts Immunity

Tangelo is rich in vitamin C, and we all know Vitamin C is essential to boost our immunity and to protect ourselves from various diseases. It can also help prevent some allergies and colds, Coughing, and even fatal cancer. One serving of Tangelo can meet 100% of your daily vitamin C needs, which helps stimulate the production of white blood cells and supports your immune system against harmful pathogens and possible infections.

Improves Heart Health

As mentioned above, tangelo contains flavanones, which are related to reducing the risk of stroke and heart disease. Tangelo is good for the heart because it can also lower cholesterol. The build-up of cholesterol in the body blocks the arterial walls and narrows the passages. This can lead to poor blood circulation and eventually a heart attack. Patients with chronic heart disease can benefit a lot from Tangelo.

Protects Liver

Tangelo possesses anti-oxidant properties which help in keeping the liver healthy. These properties in tangelo can block the generation of certain genes that cause various degenerative diseases including liver disease. Doctors recommend that those who have liver problems should include citrus fruits like Tangelo in their diet. 

Aids in Digestion

Citrus fruits are a good source of fiber. It is well known that fiber can improve the digestion process, especially in terms of constipation, cramps, or bloating. Fiber can stimulate bowel movements and even improve the balance of bacteria in the intestines. Tangelo is loaded with fiber and therefore, it’s safe to say that Tangelo helps a lot of indigestion.

Increases Blood Circulation

Weak blood circulation in the body can damage your organs. Tangelo is rich in folic acid and iron, which can improve blood flow by reducing the loss of red blood cells in the body. They help to oxygenate your organs and pave the way. Vitamin B6 and other important vitamins in these mixed fruits can promote red blood cell production and support normal blood flow.

Prevents Kidney Stones

If your urine is highly concentrated or contains more stone-forming minerals than usual, kidney stones can form. Studies have shown that drinking citrus juice every day, especially orange or tangelo juice, can help clear kidney stones. The acidic content of this juice can melt these stones and can be excreted through the urine.

Strengthens Teeth and Bones

Healthy bones make people healthy. Tangelo is rich in important minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, which are known to strengthen bones and teeth. It helps in reducing the risk of fractures by increasing bone density. Eating fresh tangelos every day can reduce breakage and tooth loss.

Good for Hair

Orange peel also promotes hair growth. It contains vitamin E which is very important for hair. This not only prevents hair loss, but also makes your hair thicker and longer, strengthens hair follicles from the inside, and reduces the thinning of hair.

Bottom Line

Tangelo is a refreshing fruit that can provide you with numerous health benefits. It is easily included in your diet. Tangerines can be eaten in many ways, from fragrant rice to savory desserts, as juice or whole fruit. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to look for seasonal tangelos.

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