Health Benefits of Century Eggs

The century Eggs, additionally referred to as a hundred-12 months egg, is a Chinese delicacy. Century eggs are obtained from eggs (usually duck eggs), by retaining and storing them for a long period till their shells are coloured, white turns into a dark brown gelatinous substance, and the yolk turns dark green and creamy. It is said that the white colour is not very fragrant, but the egg yolk has a strong smell of ammonia and sulphur, and it is said to have a complex earthy aftertaste.

When you stroll through the streets of Hong Kong, you will definitely encounter the Egg of the Century. Do you want to try it? Well, considering its health benefits, you should do the same. The nutritional value is almost the same as that of ordinary eggs; however, certain beneficial changes occur during the curing process. First, canned eggs contain more protein and fewer carbohydrates than fresh eggs.

All other beneficial micronutrients found in normal fresh eggs, including vitamins A and B such as B-12 and riboflavin. It is also an excellent source of iron, selenium, phosphorus, and vitamin D. It has slightly more calories than ordinary eggs. The Chinese believe that ancient eggs are a good aphrodisiac and healthy protein-rich snacks.

These are some Century Eggs’s Health Benefits if you add them in your diet

Contain more Protein compared to Ordinary Eggs

Because ancient eggs are a rich source of protein, and in China, they regard them as a protein-loaded healthy snack. Protein is an essential nutrient for human health. Similar to carbs, it is the body’s fuel. Therefore, if you feel dull, eat eggs, it can do wonders for you.

Rich in Iron

Another very important nutrient required in humans is iron. Surprisingly, the eggs that have been hundreds of years old are iron, which is essential for the transportation of oxygen in the body. It is responsible for and the development and growth of the human cells and body.

Rich in Vitamin D

Other than sunlight which is also rich in vitamin D, Mushrooms, Soy Milk, Cow Cilk, Salmon, Egg Yolk, and Almond Milk, a huge resource of this vitamin include century eggs. It is necessary for the body to improve the abdominal interest in phosphate, zinc, calcium, magnesium, and iron.

Rich Source of Selenium

For those of you who don’t know it yet, it is a mineral that performs the work of an antioxidant and provides protection to the human body from any arising damage. Fish, bananas, and carrots do the same work.

Great Aphrodisiac

People in China consider century eggs to be rich in aphrodisiacal values, it’s a substance that increases sexual desire just like chocolates, apricots and oysters do.

Increase Appetite

There is no doubt that Century Egg is a good snack because it can actually improve your appetite. People usually prefer eating century eggs mixed with oatmeal which makes them eat an extra bowl of oatmeal.

Lowers Blood-Pressure

A Century Egg contains all the key nutrients listed above; it can also help in keeping your blood pressure low. Keeping a normal BP is essential to avoid the risk of heart attack or stroke, and failure of kidney.

Enhancing Liver Function

Since, an organ in the human body i.e., the liver, can act as a strainer, in addition, process blood circulation in the human body, a few of their other important functions include the production of blood thickening proteins. Remove harmful toxins from the body. Get the Century Egg if you want a strong liver.

Improves Eyesight

This acts as a substitute for a few of us who absolutely cannot afford laser eye surgery. Just like Oranges, Avocado, and Papaya, eating these eggs in moderation for a time period, and performing eye workouts each day, can help those people who wear glasses and after a period of time, can see things even without glasses. Consumption of century eggs may be beneficial to our eyes, mainly because their nutrients can protect the eyes from dryness and prevent aging and cataracts.


Well, for those who are trying to reduce carbohydrates, this is good news. It is said that century eggs contain fewer nutrients than ordinary eggs because they will be exhausted during the preservation process. Its higher protein content makes up for its shortcomings because it can also provide energy when eaten.


Century eggs are extremely fit for eating, yet given the conditions encompassing its preparation, a great number of people have come to accept that century eggs are not healthy. This is one essential reason behind why they’re seized from most Chinese eateries. Yet, since you know the astounding medical advantages it has, you can check it out by adding it to your eating regimen.

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