Health Benefits of Cashews

Cashew trees are tropical evergreen trees that produce cashew seeds or (the cashew nuts) and the cashew apple, here’s everything about cashew nuts that you need to know about that matter. It provides 553 kcal of energy. It contains 30% carbohydrates, 5% water, 44% fats, and 18% protein per serving of 100 grams of cashews.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Cashews

Helps in Weight Loss 

Despite the traditional belief that people looking towards losing weight must cut the number of nuts in their diet, recent studies link a nut-rich diet to greater weight loss than a nut-free diet. Cashews are rich in fiber and protein which helps you stay active for longer periods while feeling full, they also contain omega 3 fatty acids which are shown to boost a person’s metabolism.

Healthy Bones

Not only calcium but magnesium is also crucial in the development of healthy bones, cashew serves as a great source of magnesium. A healthy balance between calcium and magnesium in the body can help in the healthy development of muscle and bones leading to a strong body.

Improved Heart Health

Diets rich in nuts such as cashews have been often linked to reduced risks of heart diseases and heart strokes. Cashews have appeared to offer nutritional benefits which help in lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides.

Prevents Diabetes

Cashews are a great source of fiber and offer very low sugar content which is 2 of the crucial factors in the reduction of blood sugar levels which In turn prevents the development of diseases like diabetes.

Aid to the Immune System

Aid to the Immune System

Cashews help immensely in the maintaining and development of the immune system as a result of being a rich source of copper which helps in the fighting of infections and illnesses

Promotes Healthier Skin

Promotes Healthier Skin

The presence of selenium, iron, phosphorus, and magnesium in cashews is good for your skin. The healthy content of proteins, antioxidants, and plant-based chemicals helps in maintaining the health of your skin and avoiding wrinkles. These antioxidants promote the growth of new cells which keeps the skin intact and the elasticity of the skin remains intact.

Healthy Digestion

Healthy Digestion

The healthy amounts of dietary fiber present in cashews promote a sound digestion process while providing food to the good bacteria present in the gut area. This also helps the intestines stay healthy and fight off any intestinal diseases.

Eye Protection

The eyes deteriorate as we age, but the antioxidants present in cashews slow down this process of deterioration. Not only that but the antioxidant pigments present in cashews also strengthens the retina and the layer on our eyes which protect us from the harmful UV rays and the pollution in the world.

Shiny and Healthy Hair

Shiny and Healthy Hair

Applying cashew oil and regular intake of cashew can help in the production of hair pigment called melatonin which is facilitated by the copper present in cashews.

Prevents Cancer

Prevents Cancer

The presence of copper and proanthocyanidins which is a type of flavanol assists in the stopping of the growth of the cancerous/tumor cells.


Cashew nuts are a very nutritious food source with confounding health benefits as listen above. Include cashew nuts in your daily diet while keeping in mind the fact that “too much of anything” is harmful. Consume your nuts with a balanced diet and some regular exercise and you can see your body change for the better.

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