Amazing Health Benefits Of Ackee fruit

Ackee fruit, also known as Blighia sapida is a member soapberry family. This fruit is native to West Africa. But now it’s cultivated largely in Jamaica.

Ackee trees only produce fruits two times a year. Its outside flesh is mixed of yellow and red and when it’s riped, the colour turns into bright red, by exposing the seeds and cream-coloured pulp.

It’s packed with proteins, vitamins, minerals and other organic components, that make it a useful tool for many health conditions.

Now, Let’s take a look at few amazing Health Benefits of Ackee Fruit, below:

Beneficial For Pregnant Women


Ackee fruit produces small amounts of vitamin B-9, in the form of naturally occurring Folates. This can help prevent birth defects and it is also recommended as supplements for pregnant women.

Helps In Blood Circulation


Iron is a key component of Hemoglobin, which is necessary to produce RBC. Ackee has a greater Iron content that can be very useful in blood circulation. The iron content in ackee also helps in avoiding the side effects of Anemia.

Promotes Bone Strength

Promotes Bone Strength

Ackee contains numerous minerals, that contributes the healthier bones such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc etc, So, this helps Ackee in avoiding bone loss or demineralization problems.

Rich Source of Protein

Rich Source of Protein

Proteins are responsible for building and maintaining healthy muscle mass. Ackee has a lot of protein in it, which can be helpful for healthy muscle mass and in the regeneration of the body.

Controls Hyper-tension

Controls Hyper-tension

People with hypertension must increase their intake of potassium because it can lead to heart attack and stroke otherwise.

Ackee fruit contains potassium. This high potassium level in the blood will dilate the blood vessels, which makes the heart pump blood through the body easily.

Promotes Healthy Digestive System

Promotes Healthy Digestive System

Ackee contains plenty of dietary fibre, which is beneficial for maintaining the digestive system. Ackee fruit helps in preventing stomach related conditions like constipation, obesity and so on.

Prevents Muscle Cramps

Prevents Muscle Cramps

Muscle cramps are quite common in the summer months and after workouts. Ackee provides sodium and potassium, which can be responsible for muscle contraction and hydration. Especially, it plays an important role in electrolyte imbalance, which is the main cause of muscle cramps.

Promotes Healthy Heart


Ackee fruit contains unsaturated fatty acid, which is needed by our body cells to function well. Not only this, it also helps in lower cholesterol level and atherosclerosis, which can lead to heart stroke or attacks.

Treatment Of Skin Infections


Ackee leaves are often used to treat the yaws and ulcers, by the African people. First, the leaves can be pounded and then mixed with the salt. This mixture then can be put on the affected area. Also, it is believed that to get rid of cutaneous larva migrans, a shower can be taken with the decoction of these ackee leaves.

Ackee fruit can be consumed raw or even cooked. This is very important to know that unripe ackee fruit is very poisonous. Whereas, riped ackee fruit (in which natural seeds are opened) is safe and healthy. That is why people believe ackee is a blessing and curse at the same time.

However, ackee fruit has lot of health benefits as it is a good source of healthy fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals and so on.

So, Add Ackee Fruit In Your Diet For Enjoying These Numerous Health Benefits!!!

Sudha Priya
Sudha Priya
Sudha Priya is a computer science student, who was absolutely attracted by computer games and programming, since childhood. While growing, she gained interest in exercise & nutrition, and always strived to embody a healthy lifestyle.

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