Amazing Health Benefits of Acerola Cherry

Malpighia Emarginata, commonly known as Acerola Cherry or Barbados Cherry. It is believed to be originated from Mexico and the Caribbean, which is situated in the western hemisphere of the globe.

The Acerola Cherry is not a true fruit which means the fruit’s flesh is not outgrown from the ovary of the flower of the plant. The Acerola Cherry is a small, deep red-coloured fruit that is pretty sour due to its high vitamin C content.

The Acerola Cherry can be considered as superfruit as it has nearly around 1677 mg per 100 grams of vitamin c present in them. These cherries are preferred more because the vitamin c present in them is readily acceptable in the human body compared to the ascorbic acid, which is widely used in the present days.

Acerola Cherry is consumed as a spice in preparing fruit juices and baby foods and is also used in the form of powders to increase the nutritional value of the population’s foods.

Here under are some Health Benefits mentioned which can help you lead a healthy lifestyle ;

Acerola as a Great Anti-Oxidant

As Acerola Cherry is a great source of vitamin c, it acts as an antioxidant in the human body, which provides great immunity towards various diseases. The fruit has properties to prevent chronic diseases such as cancers and kidney diseases.

Acerola as your Dental Doctor

Studies have shown that Acerola Cherry consumption has shown improvement in dental health care and maintenance. Prevention of gum bleeding and strengthening of gums are observed after consumption of Acerola berries. It also makes your teeth strong as it helps in the absorption of calcium.

Acerola to Improve longevity

Acerola is known to prevent different types of cancers and lowers the risk of heart diseases, its also known for its outstanding results in the regulation of blood pressure. It controls high blood pressure, Acerola has a good amount of vitamin A which provides a stronger immune system to the body and fights against diseases resulting in increasing life expectancy And decreasing the mortality rate.

Acerola to Improve your Blood Levels

The blood is the most important connective fluid in the body, which carries all the nutrients to all the parts of the body; hence, it plays a vital role in regulating nutrients and metabolism. Yet, for every four months, new blood is formed, which sometimes may cause iron deficiency, especially in women who undergo menstruation and in pregnant women as there is loss of blood. To prevent such scenarios, vitamin C is consumed.

This helps improve the amount of iron in the body and helps in the prevention of malnutrition and many other health issues faced due to iron deficiency.

Acerola to hold on to your Memories

Consumption of Acerola is known to improve the being’s memory power and can remember things than others as they age. Which also results in improved performance of students in academics.

Acerola for Good Eyesight

Acerola contains nearly around 38 ugs per 100 grams of vitamin A .vitamin A is well known for preventing night blindness, xerophthalmia, and conjunctivitis. the deuteriation of eyesight with the increase of age is reduced by the consumption of these cherries.

Acerola for a Good Healthy Glowing Skin

With present scenarios, the skin’s health has become a major priority to many, not only women but men too. The major problem faced by youngsters is acne which usually hits during adolescence. The consumption of vitamin c can reduce this. Acerola is a great source of vitamin C. Collagen is important, which keeps one’s skin healthy normally. Collagen is plant-based and is not obtained through animal sources the vitamin C present in the fruit helps in the uptake of collagen. In simple words, we can say that vitamin C helps in the absorption of collagen. Diseases like scurvy are prevented by consuming this superfruit.

Acerola as an anti-depressant

It is believed that foods with a high amount of thiamin and vitamin C can act as anti-depressants. It is very comfortable to have a stress-free mind after a long day. It is very usual to feel tired and depressed with the current lifestyle in such cases these fruits help in lightening up the mood .its also a healthy way of eating your worries away .people who have the habit of stress eating can select such fruits and relieve their stress and lead a healthy lifestyle too.

The Acerola cherries are readily found in local markets and grocery stores nowadays its also used in aiding the common flu. Cold .one can make their diet way bit healthier and nutritious by adding this fruit to their diet.

As we discussed above Health Benefits of Acerola Cherry, I think we should include Acerola Cherry on the regular basis to keep our self healthy and active.

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