7 Health Benefits of Guava

Guavas are wealthy in fast fiber and vitamin C, with ordinary levels of folic acid. Low in calories per typical serving, and with few necessary nutrients, a single common guava fruit carry 257% of the Daily Value for vitamin C.

The top levels of potassium and soluble fiber in guavas are also idea to donate to improved heart health. And also, guava leaf remove has been linked to lower blood pressure.

7 Health Benefits of Guava

Scientific NamePsidium Guajava

Guava Can Disease Cure

Guava is a regular cure for a number of illnesses. Initial research proposes that compounds in guava leaf extract may have a practical effect on a range of sickness and symptoms, including menstrual cramps, diarrhea, the flu, type 2 diabetes, and cancer.

Health Benefits of Guava Leaves

Guava leaves used for flat tummy then you get the ideal shape of your tummy through with your body gets superb health benefits of guava. Because the fat-burning typical of the guava on with fiber content helps you to decrease the belly fat clearly.

Guava leaves are good for face

Guava leaves are a fruitful medicine for treating pimples. These leaves have germ-free properties that kill acne-causing bacteria and help you get rid of acne and prevent them from reoccurring. An easy way to use these leaves to treat acne is by mixing them with little water to make a cream.

Guava leaves are useful for hair growth

The vitamin C content enhances collagen project helps in hair growth and the lycopene content gives preservation from the sun’s UV rays. Guava leaves help to have good hair growth results.

Guava leaf drink are good for pregnant woman

Some analysis recommended that guava may reduce digestive problems like acid reflux, diarrhea, and constipation, which are usually during pregnancy. Additionally, some studies show that guava leaf takes out reduce stomach acid secretion and delay stomach emptying to prevent diarrhea.

Manages Diabetes

Some studies have approved guava leaves tea as one of the foods for draw up health uses to help with the precaution and medicine of diabetes. The elements in the guava tea help control blood sugar levels after meals by slow down the absorption of two types of sugars – sucrose and maltose. 

Promotes weight Loss

Guava leaves help stop complex starch from turning into sugars, promoting rapid weight loss. Drink guava leaves tea or juice commonly to reap the advantages.


As we discussed above Health Benefits of Guava, I think we should include guava in our diet on the regular basis to keep our self healthy and active.

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